King Oilfield Contracting Inc. is an Alberta born company with a full understanding of the needs and challenges of the Western Canadian market place. King Oilfield Contracting Inc. is committed to safe, on time, on budget projects and turnarounds.


Health and Safety                                                                                                   

At King Oilfield Contracting Inc. we believe that all accidents are preventable. We have a commitment to our employees to send them safely home to their families after the completion of each job.



At King we are dedicated to preserving the enviroment for generations to come and actively work to minimize the enviroment impact in our daily activities, thus ensuring the future of our industry.


At King we are always working with each client, creating a completely customized service plan tailored to meet the individual client's needs.


Commitment to Quality                                                                                 

King Oilfield Contracting Inc. is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality worksmanship at every level. Entrust your company's policies, procedures and plans to professionals who have the proven skill-sets to understand the scope of work and set the team up for sucess.